CEO and Founder - Justin Chapman

Justin is a native Californian who still resides in the Bay Area. Justin attended the University of Phoenix and has a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems.

Justin possesses extensive expertise in designing and supervising advanced information solutions tailored for government and compliance sectors across a spectrum of organizations, including corporations, law firms, and trade associations. His proficiency lies in streamlining government affairs workflows to enhance efficiency, all while maintaining uncompromised quality and value. With decades of experience in content management and processing, Justin skillfully implements comprehensive legislative and regulatory information solutions. His in-depth understanding of the state government affairs industry proves invaluable in helping clients fulfill their information requirements.

Furthermore, Justin actively collaborates with diverse organizations to drive continuous improvement, foster business development, and contribute to special projects. He previously held an executive position at a prominent state legislative and regulatory service provider, where he honed his knowledge of state government processes and procedures. Leveraging his profound understanding of state-specific content, information management, and industry demands, Justin managed and supported various facets of the business, including content operations, product and content development, customer service teams, sales departments, and contract negotiations. His comprehensive insight into the state government affairs industry and its clientele enables customers to effectively address their information needs.

In addition to his work in state government affairs, Justin dedicated several years to the Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) domain, primarily focusing on cybersecurity-related content. He designed intricate information solutions for compliance professionals seeking to demonstrate their organizations’ compliance with or surpassing United States statutory and administrative requirements, as well as recognized industry standards. These standards encompass CIS Critical Security Controls, CMMC 2.0, COBIT 2019, CSA CCMv4 and CAIQ, FedRAMP, ISO 27001 and 27002, NIST 800-53 Rev. 5, NIST Cyber Security Framework, PCI DSS v3.2.1, and SIG. Justin also delved into Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards such as GRI, SASB, TCFD, and WEF.